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Sun Safety

Sun Safety

We are concerned about protecting staff and children from sunburn and skin damage caused by harmful ultra-violet rays in sunlight. We believe that by encouraging sun safe behaviour on site and teaching children about the risks of sunlight, we can prevent them burning and contribute towards preventing skin damage.  We encourage children to avoid sunburn and overexposure to the sun by:

  • seeking the shade, particularly during the middle of the day
  • wearing suitable hats
  • wearing clothing that protects the skin (particularly for outdoor activities and trips)
  • using a high factor sunscreen (SPF 15+)


Some children are at greater risk of sunburn than others. Fair skinned, freckled children who burn easily are most at risk from overexposure to the sun and need to take great care when out in the sun. Brown skinned children have a much lower risk of sunburn but still need to take care and protect themselves in stronger sunlight. Black skinned children hardly ever burn and have a very low risk of skin cancer. Those with brown or black skin do not normally need to use sunscreen in the UK but should avoid overexposure to the sun to prevent dehydration and overheating. Staff on outdoor duties or in charge of outings will remind those most at risk of burning to cover up in the sun and use sunscreen.

You can help by encouraging your child to bring, and wear, a hat (particularly on sports days, trips and visits). Children should be encouraged to wear longer sleeved shirts and longer shorts when outdoors.

Sunscreens provide added protection and may be useful when other measures are not available. Dermatologists recommend that a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF 15+).

All parents are asked to provide sunscreen for their children’s protection.  The sunscreen must be: 

  • Clearly marked with the child’s name
  • Non-aersol
  • Replenished by the parent as needed

On sunny days, children should have sunscreen applied at home prior to coming to school.  This will be reapplied as necessary.  The sunscreen will be stored in the child’s bag or other location designated by the school. Children in Years 1 – 6 must be able to apply their own sunscreen.  Children in Nursery and Reception will be helped to apply their sunscreen by school staff.  If it is considered necessary for staff to assist with the application of sunscreen, the sunscreen will only be applied to face, neck, arms, hands and lower legs.  Parents are asked to provide written instruction to staff for their child’s individual needs.

Please could you complete this form so that we have a record of your support for the sun safety procedure and your wishes with regard to sunscreen use by your child/ren.

Sun Safety Procedure

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