Lower Juniors


The Lower Juniors are taught by Mrs Jenkinson, Mrs Petty and Mrs Moore.  We work hard but have lots of fun too!


Make sure you bring our reading book to school every day and don't forget that on

Monday - Spellings are tested and new ones sent home

Tuesday - Art with Mrs Petty

Wednesday - PE

Thursday  -Topic

Friday - Homework is given out

Remember you are in charge of your learning.  Grab every challenge, learn from your mistakes and never give up! Grow your mind.

Our Roman topic began with an exciting discovery in the woodland area.  After carefully excavating and cleaning our Roman mosiac we began asking questions which we could explore on our learning journey.

To find out more about the Romans why don't you explore the BBC Bitesize website.

Here are some great interactive games to help you practise the skills learnt in class.

Hit the button - times tables, doubles and halves

Melvin's make a match - fractions

Place value pirates - place value of whole numbers and decimals

Funky Mummy - number bonds

If you have an ipad then try A+ spellings and Cloud tables.




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