Remote Learning

The Boyle and Petyt Primary School aims to continue to provide an ambitious and broad curriculum in all subjects.  Remote learning is of a high quality and aligns as closely as possible to the provision we would provide in school.

We use Microsoft Teams to communicate with children, set assignments and teach live lessons.  We provide weekly home learning timetables to parents via email and upload detailed plans with meeting schedules and resources on a daily basis.  Some resources provided are online but all children also have books and text books to work from.  We also suggest a range of practical activities which will take them away from digital devices.  

We expect that remote learning (including remote teaching and independent work) will broadly take the following number of hours each day:

EYFS  -  2 hours

KS1  -  Up to 3 hours

KS2  - Up to 4 hours

We encourage families to follow the suggested timetables given at the beginning of the week in order to set routines and meet deadlines.  At school we encourage children to be as independent as possible and our lessons and suggested activities encourage this at home too.  The younger children will need more support from adults at home than the older ones, but we would still expect some independence to complete the suggested task.  We recognise that some children, for example those with SEND, may not be able to access remote learning without support from adults at home and we will support those parents by modifying the activities and resources as well  as providing some one to one time with a teacher or teaching assistant. 

Completed assignments should be uploaded to Teams as soon as they are finished in order that teachers can give timely and useful feedback ready for the next lesson. 


All children will have books sent home from school and should read every day.  Reading magazines, recipes, instructions, worksheets also count as good reading practice.  If you need more books from school, contact the class teacher.

Weekly spellings

KS2 have spelling tests on Monday mornings

KS1 and Reception have spelling tests on Friday mornings

Spellings should be practised regularly throughout the week. 

Spelling tests are scheduled on Teams

Daily phonics

EYFS and KS1 children have a daily phonics activity.  This may be delivered live by the teacher using Teams or through PhonicsPlay

Other phonics activities may be suggested in the weekly plans sent home

Times Tables and arithmetic

Children in KS1 and KS2 are subscribed to Adaptive learning games for maths and spelling to support home learning. (

KS2 children are also subscribed to Times Tables Rock Stars (

Children are encouraged to access these websites regularly.  Their individual logins are in the maths workbooks sent home.  Contact the class teacher if there is a problem logging in.

Daily maths

In KS1 and KS2 information about the content of the daily lessons is given as a Teams assignment.

KS1 and KS2 may access lessons from MyMaths - Bringing maths alive - Home

KS2 also work from CPG Maths books and Ginn Abacus text books which have been sent home.

For EYFS the information will be given in the weekly activity plan sent out using Tapestry.

Daily English

In KS1 and KS2 information about the content of the lessons is given as a daily Teams assignment.

The English lesson is usually live on Teams for KS2. 

Resources such as videos and ebooks are uploaded as resources on Teams

For EYFS the information will be given in the weekly activity plan sent out using Tapestry.

Other subjects

All other subjects are covered on a weekly basis with a range of live lessons via Teams and Teams assignments.  A weekly timetable is sent home by email and uploaded to Teams assignments.

Our Remote Learning Policy 

Samples of our weekly plans 


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