Our school curriculum is planned to meet the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum, to develop a love of learning and to ensure all children leave the school confident and ready for the next steps in their education.

At the Boyle and Petyt School we are proud of the excitement our curriculum generates and the opportunities it gives the children to learn in different ways:

  • By seeing, hearing and doing
  • Collaboratively in pairs
  • Through mixed age team work
  • Through practical activity and investigation
  • Through the arts and literature
  • Through visits and visitors

 A Topic Based Approach

Learning across the school is organised into 'topics', a cross-curricular theme where subjects are linked in order to give learning depth and relevance.  We need to ensure the requirements of the National Curriculum are fulfilled, so there may also be some 'stand-alone' units of work.

A Whole School Approach

We have mixed age and mixed key stage classes.  One of the strengths of our school is the way staff and children move between classes depending on their needs and for this reason we have a whole school approach to topics.  All children work on the same theme but the content of the theme will differ depending on the age and interest of the children.

A flexible and Child-Centred Approach

We encourage staff, children and families to be involved in planning a curriculum which is responsive to the needs and opportunities that arise, so we do not plan more than a year in advance and even then we might adapt and update our curriculum plan.  In this way we know we will all enjoy an exciting and relevant learning journey.

Science is taught on a two year cycle following advice from county about science teaching in mixed age classes.

 At The Boyle and Petyt School children are taught to read using systematic synthetic phonics (Letters and Sounds) within Early Years and Key Stage 1. They are taught to decode and blend words using the sounds they have learnt in phonics lessons and to use picture clues to help them when reading books.

 Throughout Early Years and Key Stage 1 the children will read our school reading books; this is a combination of fiction and nonfiction books placed into bands appropriate for a child’s reading development. Once a child is a competent reader and they can show fluency and a deep understanding of what they have read they move off book bands and choose their own reading material.

The Boyle And Petyt Primary School Awards