Our curriculum is planned to meet the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum, to develop a love of learning and to ensure all children leave this school confident and ready for the next steps in their education.

Alongside the learning of specific skills and knowledge which leads to academic success, our curriculum gives value to creativity, problem solving, kindness, respect, responsibility and resilience as well as developing physical and mental well-being. 

As a very small school in an area of outstanding natural beauty we aim to nurture a deep respect for the environment and the custodians of the countryside, whilst also preparing children for life in modern Britain. Our curriculum provides a range of thoughtful and enriching experiences which support children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and ensures that children leave this school understanding the diversity of the wider community.  In doing so, we are equipping children with the cultural capital they need to follow their future paths with confidence.


At the Boyle and Petyt School we are proud of the excitement our curriculum generates and the opportunities it gives the children to learn in different ways:

  • By seeing, hearing and doing
  • Collaboratively in pairs or small groups
  • Through mixed age team work
  • Through practical activity and investigation
  • Through the arts and literature
  • Through visits and visitors    


  •  A Topic Based Approach

    As well as being ‘knowledge-rich’, learning across the school is organised into 'topics', a cross-curricular theme where subjects are linked in order to give learning depth and relevance.  Our curriculum is structured to ensure learning is sequenced so that there are opportunities for knowledge to be recalled and applied in different contexts therefore deepening understanding.

     A Whole School Approach

    One of the strengths of our school is the way staff and children work together across subjects and across the school. We do not have subject leaders; instead we work together sharing our subject knowledge and expertise. We have a whole school approach to topics.  All children work on a similar theme but the content of the theme will differ depending on the age and interest of the children.

     A flexible and Child-Centred Approach

    We encourage staff, children and families to be involved in planning a curriculum which is responsive to the needs and opportunities that arise. Whilst we have a long-term overview of the curriculum we continually adapt and update our curriculum plan.  In this way we know we will all enjoy an exciting and relevant learning journey.


    All staff use assessment on a daily basis to monitor misconceptions. They give children timely feedback and adapt teaching and learning as appropriate.  Summative assessment is used twice a year to support progress


    Display is used to motivate and celebrate learning across the school and children relish the opportunity to contribute work for display purposes. We value the use made of display to create a welcoming and unique environment which stimulates and supports learning.


We strive for children to reach their potential which results in good outcomes in national tests; although with very small cohorts annual data can be misleading.
Our creative curriculum teaches the core skills in English, maths and science whilst actively promoting all other curriculum areas. Our children’s enjoyment of a tailor-made curriculum engenders a love of learning as well as a holistic development which means children leave this school as well-mannered and respectful individuals who have the skills and confidence to embrace the next steps of their learning journey.


September 2020

Our plans for this academic have been modified in order to provide a relevant, exciting and challenging curriculum in response to the needs of our children post lockdown. 

EYFS Topic Plan for 2020 - 2021

KS1 Topic Plan for 2020 - 2021

KS2 Topic Plan for 2020 - 2021

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