Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Grant

Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) is additional funding for schools to address underlying inequalities between some groups of children and their peers.  It is paid on the basis of the number of pupils receiving free school meals, looked after children, children adopted from care and children of service families on the school roll.

The aims include

  • To increase social mobility
  • To enable more children from disadvantaged backgrounds to get to top universities
  • To reduce the attainment gap between the highest and lowest achieving pupils nationally

This school received

£488 in the year 2011/12

£600 in the year 2012/13

£953 in the year 2013/14

£1600 in the year 2014/15

£8,920 in the year 2015/16

PPG is used to fulfil our vision and aims for all children and provide additional help and support for those children and families who may at times need something over and above the good provision we consistently provide.

Our PPG for 2016/17 is £8920.  It will be used to:

  • Purchase of ALK (Active Literacy Kit) and teaching assistant time to deliver focused literacy intervention
  • Provide EYFS with listening station
  • Provide 1:1 tuition with a 'Numbers Count teacher
  • Provide a specialist music teacher in KS1

The PPG for 2015/16 was used to

  • Resources for new Foundation Stage Unit to support high quality and language rich learning environment
  • Provide additional staff for phonic lessons to enable focused teaching groups
  • Widen the SENCo role to better monitor progress and support teachers
  • Purchase new books to encourage reluctant readers
  • Provide trained TA support across the school for maths and some English lessons


National data shows that disadvantaged children at this school achieve well.  Pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium perform well in Early Years and in the phonic check.  In school tracking shows that children eligible for Pupil Premium are on track to attain and exceed age related expectations at the end of KS1 and KS2

The PPG for 2014/15 was used to

  • Provide quality maths resources (Numicon) and associated professional development training for staff in order to narrow gaps in learning.

The PPG for 2011/14 was used to:

  • Provide resources for small group or 1:1 work with an experienced teaching assistant to narrow gaps in learning
  • Contribute towards professional development training for our SENCO in order that gaps in learning can be quickly identified and appropriate support accessed promptly
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